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ULV Foggers & Air Scrubbers

XPOWER is a leading professional drying solution for services industries, especially specific to Jan-San Pro Cleaning and Water Restoration. Their innovative products are lightweight, quiet, and rugged – without sacrificing power or durability. 

  ULV Cold Foggers  

XPOWER’s F-8, F-8B, F-16, and F-16B ULV (ultra-low volume) Cold Foggers offer you ultimate performance in a small package. Featuring a light and compact design, each unit is ideal for full coverage for office, restaurants/food services, schools, hospitals, senior centers, pet boarding, greenhouse, and commercial properties. The reservoir incorporates an easy fill/tight cap and a reservoir level window to monitor your liquid levels. Applying disinfectants, sanitizers, and other solutions have never been easier than using the XPOWER line of ULV Cold Foggers. With its powerful spray distance and ultra-small droplet size, this compact versatile unit is the industry leading choice for all your fogging needs.  

XPOWER F-8 ULV Cold Fogger.jpg
ULV Cold Fogger
  • Spray Distance: 25+ Ft.

  • Average Droplet Size: < 50 micron

  • Tank Capacity: 800ml (0.8 L) (27 fl oz.)

*Available in both cord electric and battery powered options*

XPOWER F-16B ULV Cold Fogger.jpg
ULV Cold Fogger
  • Spray Distance: 30+ Ft.

  • Average Droplet Size: < 50 micron

  • Tank Capacity: 1600ml (1.6 L)(54 fl oz.)

*Available in both cord electric and battery powered options*

XPOWER F-18B ULV Cold Fogger.jpg
ULV Cold Fogger
  • Spray Distance: 39+ Ft.

  • Average Droplet Size: < 50 micron

  • Tank Capacity: 1200ml (1.2 L) (40.4 fl oz.)

*Available in both cord electric and battery powered options*

  Air Scrubbers  

XPOWER has developed its line of innovative multi-stage air scrubbers to purify air for a wide range of applications, including the restoration, pet grooming and healthcare industries. Using ground breaking technology, XPOWER Air Scrubbers can contain contaminants that lead to environmental and human toxicity. These air filtration systems capture a wide range of compounds and prevents organism migration from location to location.

XPOWER X-2480A Air Scrubber.jpg
XPOWER X-2480A Professional 3-Stage
HEPA Mini Air Scrubber

Small but mighty, the new XPOWER X-2480A achieves professional grade air purification in a super portable compact footprint. Featuring a powerful 1/2 HP external rotor induction motor, this 3 stage commercial purification system produces 550 CFM with less than a 3.0 amp draw.

XPOWER AP-2000 Air Filtration System.jpg
XPOWER AP-2000 Portable HEPA
Air Filtration System

Efficiently remediate large spaces such as: hospitals, schools, arenas, gyms, conference halls, hotels, and any other largely occupied areas. Low 8.5 Amp draw for jobsite optimization and 2-speed switch for operating performance at 1000 or 2000 CFM.

Additional HEPA Filtration Models

Don't see what you're looking for? We carry a wide range of HEPA Air Scrubbers capable of filtering 550 Cubic Feet/Minute up to 2000 CFM. Contact us for our full catalog!

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