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Conventional Cleaners & More

Conventional chemicals and methods have time and again been proven to be not only ineffective but also harmful to humans and the environment. We are determined to demonstrate Ultra Chem Labs’ superiority above conventional cleaning products. We are confident that Ultra Chem Labs' products and solutions are not only more effective, but safer for future generations and friendlier to Mother Nature.


Ultra Chem Labs' specially engineered ECT surfactants perform by neutralizing the ionic charge of surfaces. In turn, the targeted soil or dirt does not have an ionic charge to stick to resulting in easy and safe removal. So ECT based cleaners do not rely on pH, harsh caustics, high temperatures or heavy mechanical action to clean. This makes our products safer for the user and the environment. ECT functions much like a car battery which possess both negative and positive ions.

  EPA Registered 'N' Listed 
Conventional Floor Care
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