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The human Coronavirus (COVID-19), has changed our planet unlike anything in recorded history. The infectious and deadly effects of COVID-19 have redefined how we must clean and disinfect our buildings, hospitals, schools and homes forever.

Our COVID-19 Protocol includes deep cleaning, disinfecting and protecting interior surfaces in a manner that ensures protection against this deadly virus, and offers a safe haven for children, students, teachers, staff, visitors and our communities.

Today’s advanced cleaning protocols ensure tenants of safe passage and shelter from this pathogen bacteria virus.

   Deluxe Cleaning Caddy   
Caddy with Label.png

Our Deluxe Cleaning Caddy contains everything you'll need to clean and disinfect your home, workspace, and more to support the fight against COVID-19!

We are proud to offer EPA Registered, ‘N’ Listed Disinfectants, Cleaners and Products for use as Protective Barriers in the fight against COVID-19.

Our proven, organically natural Z Bio Science Multi-Task probiotic surface cleaner, EPA registered

‘N’ listed PureGreen24 Ready-to-Use disinfectant, and ZBS Enviro Mist Microflora Environmental Spray offer your students and tenants safety and protection against these deadly pathogens.


PureGreen24 (3 minutes) , Ultracide (60 seconds) and Q-128 (concentrate) are all EPA registered and “N’ Listed Disinfectant KILLERS of the COVID-19 pathogens.

   COVID-19 Fighting Products   


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