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Low-Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaner

Moe-Cleaner, proudly made in the USA, was designed with the sole purpose of improving productivity and sustainability. Low-moisture carpet cleaning has made improvements in chemistry over the years. By contrast, equipment for this type of cleaning hasn't kept pace. Moe-Cleaner is the answer to current inefficient and unproductive low-moisture machines.

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Moe-Cleaner is a commercial carpet cleaner that uses low-moisture encapsulation to organically clean. Our equipment cuts water usage by 80%. Estimate uses 1 gallon of water to clean 1,000 sq ft and dries FAST - in 45 minutes! It is fast, easy to use, and dependable, resulting in both less maintenance and a better clean. Our line of products have a robust design and allow you to achieve beautiful results when cleaning commercial carpets. 

    Auto Sprayer    

Moe-Cleaner Auto Sprayer is a specially designed all-in-one unit with a 2 gallon tank and automatic pump. Easily used and transferred, it can operate up to 2,000 square feet.

  • Model MCN-1020 Auto Sprayer

  • 2 gallons tank

  • 2,000 sq. ft. cleaning capacity

MCN-AS1020 Auto Sprayer.png
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