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Probiotic & Green Organic Certified Cleaners

Z BioScience safe, healthy probiotic cleaners are changing the game, providing better and longer-lasting True Clean. All our products are formulated for commercial and office environments and are non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and low VOC. Our cleaners are effective in commercial office buildings, medical facilities, retail outlets, schools, restaurants and other facilities.

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Z BioScience combines microbiology and chemistry to make the world’s most advanced surface cleaners which, when combined with physics, creates a “true clean” surface. Z BioScience's commercial cleaning products work differently. Our cleaners use probiotics – a game-changing approach that leverages good bacteria truly clean the surface. Our products will reduce or eliminate odors creating a healthier environment. But True Clean is more than an aesthetic choice – it’s a matter of health. While cleaning the surfaces, and creating a healthier environment, these products are non-toxic, can be used with confidence with children and pets, and are ideal for schools, hotels, gyms, assisted living facilities and anywhere people congregate.

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     Safe, Healthy Probiotic   
   & Green Organic Certified   
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ZBS - Labels - AC-X - 1 gal - 051820.png
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ZBS - Labels - Banish S - Organic Enviro
ZBS - Labels - Banish X -  1 gal - 05182
ZBS - Labels - Encapsulator - 1 gal - 05
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ZBS - Labels - MAX Degreaser - 1 gal - 0
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